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Bernadett Begonia Our eating habits are much more important than we think. Do you know that our gut is our second brain? 80% of our immune system depends on our digestion, so a personalized diet is the easy solution to getting healthier and more energetic.

While a Google seach can be used to gather a lot of 'smart' ideas, what worked for me was expert advice tailored to my goals. The result speaks for itself - I got rid of my food allergies and all other health problems. This experience convinced me to become a nutritionist. 

As a nutritionist, I look at your individual needs and help you design a plan. Together we explore options for the right diet for your condition, such as what you like to eat, and how you want to feel. I see food as something to nourish us; it makes us feel energetic and happy. 😊

"Eat better, live better" is my slogan, so feel free to get in touch if you wish to consult an expert. 


Bernadett Köteles- Degrendele
"Bernadett Begonia", Founder of begonia wellness club

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When should you consult a nutritionist?

Questions I can help you with:

Do you eat healthy and still not feel 100%?Have you been diagnosed with a food intolerance or allergy (e.g gluten, milk, lactose), or do you suspect this and want me to check it?
Is your diet boring and you don’t know how to spice it up? Do you often feel tired or upset?Are you suffering from headaches?
Do you play sports and want to make sure your diet is right? Do you want your diet to support your lifestyle? Do you frequently desire candy and chocolate? Are you overweight or have no appetite? Are you following a vegan or vegetarian diet, possibly Keto or Paleo diet, and want to make sure all the nutrients you need are available and absorbed into your body? Have you tried other diets and they don't work? Do you have any digestive problems? Do you have skin problems?

Client experiences


I got some great nutrition advice and guidance from Bernadett. Driven by her passion she has build up a great expertise about nutrition and lifestyle. Next to her professional approach, she's a very kind person, always open, supportive and eager to learn. It's a pleasure working with her, I thought I was eating healthy but she pointed out the pitfalls and holes in my diet. Now I feel more aware and healthier about what I eat. Thanks a lot.

Melbourne, Australia

I can only recommend Bernadett to everyone. Honestly, I thought I was eating overall healthily, but after talking with Bernadett I figured out how I can make my meals even more healthy. She also had some recommendations that quickly fixed my low energy level or other gaps in my diet. And the best thing is, that I didn't have to give up eating anything I like. Since I've been following her recommendations I lost weight and I generally feel more energetic during the day, while sleep like a baby during the night.  I am really grateful for your help, Bernadett


Bernadett is not only a wonderful person and a good friend, but also an excellent wellness expert. I was looking for some advice on nutrition, and her help went far beyond that: she has helped me a lot with tips and guidance on healthy eating, recommended natural remedies that have worked very well, and even introduced me to a meditation group. She has greatly contributed to improving my well-being, and I can only be grateful to her for this.

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